Whole Sale



Whole sale

Rugology has been serving as a trading partner for retailers, wholesalers, contractors and individuals with customised requirements. 


We have access to a global manufacturing network covering a wide range of rugs and carpets in terms of material, weaving type and design and product costs. Since we are directly working with manufacturers, our sourcing services offer cost advantages and customised solutions. 


Whether you need 1 piece of a rug with specific requirements or 10.000 pieces from the same design and quality, Rugology finds a solution with pace and efficiency.


We are here to help you about wholesale digital printed rugs, wholesale rugs and kilims, wholesale carpets, wholesale area rugs and wholesale Turkish rugs. For your custom projects, Rugology will be your new carpet wholesaler. 


Please get in touch with us for further enquiries, we will be more than happy to assist you.